The Swim! Or: Waking is the Hardest Part

I swam on Sunday and Tuesday.

And that’s really it. Sunday I took Sam to visit my cool new gym, and I wanted her to time my 100m time. I cold only do 50m before my pecs burned like hell. Considering I have to do 750m the day of the Triathalon, I think I have a long, long way to go. My 50m was 1m25sec. Sounds quick to me, but I know it’s really slow.

I got a little fire in me and got up at 4:30 on Tuesday to get to the gym by 6am. I swam for a half an hour before calling it in. I alternated laps focusing on legs then arms, back and forth like that. And tried to do something with my breath. I nearly sucked in a lungful of water a few times. Not professional, but it made my parts ache in that good kinda way, so maybe I’m on the right track. Plus I got to sit in the hot spa pool for 10 minutes.

Now the problem is scheduling. I didn’t swim again this week. I will say that work has been shit, but that’s really no excuse. It’s hard to find motivation a lot of the time. Sleep sounds lovely at any time. But whether I wake up at 6:30 or 4:30, I don’t feel any better in the morning, I’m still just sleepy and sore. I just have to be an early bird more. I have to squeeze in running, biking, swimming and maybe weights? Man, I just don’t know.

Still no bike. But I’m still doing cardio 5-6 days a week, plus 2 mile (alternating) run on Wednesdays. So I’m still getting some sort of activity in. Just not tri-centric. I’ve got research to do, very definitely. And things I have to buy. So many things.