I got that Innsmouth look

Been getting back into Lovecraftian fiction, and pretending to be a fish-person kind of helps in my attitude when i’m swimming (as does pretending to pilot a giant robot when I run!). This, running, and Zumba have been my only consistent exercise lately, and it’s doing me good. Two big words:


I feel like I can breathe when I run now. Its immensely refreshing. I have less pain when I run, but maybe that’s just consistent running schedule (once a week is consistent…). The breathing is better. I feel healthier. I visualize my pectorals when I swim. I’m doing more laps in a go. I have to do 750 meters as part of the triathlon. And I have no idea if I’m going to be ready to do that. I don’t progress quickly in these things.

But the little improvements are getting me by.

That said, work has put a monkey wrench in all this. This month is crunch time for a huge project, and everyone in my department has been put on mandatory over time until October 1st. 7:30-6:30 every day, and 8-12 on Saturday. The plus side is that I can get a swim in REALLY early before work, and hit the pool on Saturdays, too.

The negative is, while I still live an hour away from work, that puts me unable to do anything, really, for 10 hours of the waking day. Now, I can get in the swim like i said, and a 30min walk in at lunch, and a class of Zumba or a run at night, which still sort of works; but I have barely an hour to do things like cook, or write, or clean, or those things where I really find my center. Dipper’s lucky I remember to feed him during the week!


He’s a peach.

The result is my dieting choices were a little looser this last week or so, and I haven’t felt as much motivation to get out and sweat for need of some quiet zen time. And without the zen time, I just don’t have the Go in me to do things. It’s an ugly cycle, reminiscent of some nameless rite on page 304 of the Necronomicon.

Ok, it’s not that bad, just frustrating. It’s only until October. I can survive until then.


The Training! Or: How To Train Your Matthew

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I actually have no ideahow to train for a triathlon. I swim some, I run some, and I bike some, right? Shit, I got that right here. Run? I run like once a week. Like a mile or two. Swim? I can swim! Stroke, stroke, stroke, breathe, hell yeah I can do that all day. Bike? Yeah I can bike, I learned how, I can do like ten miles n shit!


“He’s so misinformed!”

Hell yeah, Buddha, I was. You can’t just take pieces of workouts you can do and string them together for 15 miles. I found this out today. And it hurts.

I joined a new gym last Saturday. It’s an hour away from my house, but I knew it had pools I can use to train in and it’s 10 min from where I work. It’s a fancy mega-gym. Real nice, cafe, spa, whole 9 yards. Well, it was waaaaaay out of my comfort zone, but I needed it, and I had to do it. I was nervous though, so I started yammering, and admitted I wanted to do a triathlon.

I was immediately introduced to the tri-trainer. He’s a really nice super-jock* named Jon. ultra-nice guy, he convinced me to get there and begin training Tuesday promptly at 6 in the evening.


but I did it. Got up at 4:30 am, and was on a treadmill, getting into cardio ‘Zone 2’ before I usually had even bothered to stir out of bed.

We started with some basic jogging tread mill action. Then we bumped the incline up (admittedly, something I’d never bothered to do before. Who jogs on hills, honestly.)


Hills? Fuck you, hills.

Then some side-step on the treadmill action (like a crab. I looked like a sweaty, hairy crab). Some over head weight lifts, then planks, Russian twists, leg kicks, PLANKS, resistance upper-body stuff, push-ups, PLAAAAAAAANNNNNKKKSSSSFFFFFFUUUUUU, and one-legged squats (way harder than they sound), with intermittent treadmill action.



What I’m saying is, I hate planks.

I took a shower in a place that wasn’t a house for the first time in my life, and holy hell, I was so grateful it was there. Few things felt as good as that hot shower.

Then I got coffee and a wrap, and hit morning traffic on my way to the office.

And I felt great. I still feel great, 15 hours later. I’m really sore, in my feet, my hips, my abs, but I did the whole rotten thing, and didn’t need to quit. I am thinking I may have found my path.

Next session is this Thursday at 6am. Hoo, boy.

The Triathalon

A little more than a year ago, my best friend started a blog. It’s really interesting and insightful, and I encourage you to check it out.

She started the blog, because her friend (who is also a good friend) started a blog. It was a natural chain reaction. I saw how they got on with their stories, and thought that maybe I needed the catharsis that it provided. I tried, and I made a blog that lasted a few months. I never felt that it had the place in my life that it had in theirs, so I dropped it.

No big deal, I figure it’s happened to plenty of bloggers in the past. I need to refocus and really think about what I’m writing.

My last blog was focused on the fact that I weighed 250 pounds and couldn’t shake the weight. I still haven’t, actually, but that’s ok. This blog is probably going to have a bit of refocus on that, too. I lost track of goals. To be totally honest, I’ve never done well with goals. I never quite seem to meet them, so I don’t really set them. Or at least, I don’t commit to them. I’ve got some self-confidence issues.

But I’m trying to turn that around.

I went to FitBloggin’ 2013 a few weeks ago. Just like last year, it was fantastic. Everyone is a friend. To date, I’ve never been anywhere else that made me feel as included and welcome and comfortable. I wish every day were like that. I thank everyone there from the bottom of my stupid heart.

While I was there, Stephanie, mentioned completing a Triathalon. She said it with such nonchalance that it struck me pretty good. ‘Triathalon’ just sound(ed) like marathon. Marathons are fuckin’ scary to me. Three miles is still pretty scary, to tell the truth. Steph (I hope it’s okay if I call her that, I haven’t cleared that yet, I think it’s fine though) told me in earnest that it ain’t that hard.

“Anyone can do it.” -Steph’s words (as dictated below; thanks, grl!)

Anyone? I think I’m anyone. I think I might be, yeah.

So I’ve decided to make a goal, and do my damnedest to actually stick to it. And I’m gonna write about it here.

This is the Triathalon I’m going to do.

Lake Hickory Y Triathalon

750 meter swim, 10 miles on a bike, and 3 miles on foot. Ish.

It’s in June. It’s going to suck, of that I have no doubt. But I have some time to get ready for it.

I should probably figure out how I’m gonna get ready for it.