Overdue return!

It’s been since September since my last update, and i honestly don’t have a terribly large update.

I have experienced a generally upward trend of progress. I can run farther without a walking break. I can swim farther without feeling like i’m going to drown. I still can’t go 400m, but i’mm closer to that goal. Tuesday i’m going to use the bigger pool instead of the smaller one (that heated pool feels so damn good though). i’m going to use that to train now. it’s kinda time to graduate to that.

I still don’t own a bike; but i’m not worried about it. i know that using a stationary bike is way different from a physical bike, but i’m not too worried about it. it may be that this attitude will bite me in the ass, but i can’t worry about it all- i have to get better at the swimming and make that the highest priority, since i have running and biking down at a more or less rudimentary level, i just cant go the 400m distance in the water yet.

If i freak out about both the swimming and the biking, i’m going to shoot myself in the foot. I have to accept that i very well may do badly in one of the events. In school, math tests went badly for me because i worried about the right answers AND the time limit; it usually resulted in near-failure.

SO for the foreseeable future- let’s focus on the swimming equation.

As far as weight- got down to 233 before the holidays, got to 239 over the holidays, and the last few weigh-ins it’s been between 234-237. acceptable variance, and i feel more fit. more zumba,more running overall. Also trying the Pound fitness, like pilates but with drumming. i get to beat the shit out of the floor to songs i like better than the poppy-Latin zumba beats. If they’d just leave out the Linkin Park, it’d be pretty dandy.

last bit: self-imposed 5k this morning. all but a quarter mile of it, i kept jogging. at one point, i couldnt stop my pace, or i felt like i’d die. i think i’ll call it the Speed Plateau. Also, i didn’t get out of breath at all much, just more sore and sweaty. victory? Hell yeah, victory.