Got to admit, it’s getting better…

i love that song.

anyway, yeah, things are actually getting better on the health front. i’ve lost 15 pounds since FitBloggin. 15! that’s a lot! i now weigh as much as my 53 year old dad. the fact that i have always weighed more than he does (while he’s still slightly taller than me) has been a major thorn in my self-esteem. i’m gonna be 220 by Christmas, dammit. i feel like i can actually get there now.

no bike yet, but my running is improving noticeably. i can keep up with Jonathan at a good clip for a mile or so. less pain, less huff and puffery. i’m gonna try and take up more distance and start doing 3 miles in a go. the cooler weather should facilitate this.

things are also better on the swimming front. getting up at 4:30am to get into the pool at 6 before work is paying off. i don’t feel like i’m drowning between strokes. i don’t know about speed or anything, i haven’t been timing. i’ve also been using the shorter lanes. so i haven’t quite made a 100m swim yet. Yet. big ol’ yet. it will be soon.

now i just gotta worry about the biking and the swim distance. it will get better. so far, they’re gettin’ better all the time. 🙂


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