I got that Innsmouth look

Been getting back into Lovecraftian fiction, and pretending to be a fish-person kind of helps in my attitude when i’m swimming (as does pretending to pilot a giant robot when I run!). This, running, and Zumba have been my only consistent exercise lately, and it’s doing me good. Two big words:


I feel like I can breathe when I run now. Its immensely refreshing. I have less pain when I run, but maybe that’s just consistent running schedule (once a week is consistent…). The breathing is better. I feel healthier. I visualize my pectorals when I swim. I’m doing more laps in a go. I have to do 750 meters as part of the triathlon. And I have no idea if I’m going to be ready to do that. I don’t progress quickly in these things.

But the little improvements are getting me by.

That said, work has put a monkey wrench in all this. This month is crunch time for a huge project, and everyone in my department has been put on mandatory over time until October 1st. 7:30-6:30 every day, and 8-12 on Saturday. The plus side is that I can get a swim in REALLY early before work, and hit the pool on Saturdays, too.

The negative is, while I still live an hour away from work, that puts me unable to do anything, really, for 10 hours of the waking day. Now, I can get in the swim like i said, and a 30min walk in at lunch, and a class of Zumba or a run at night, which still sort of works; but I have barely an hour to do things like cook, or write, or clean, or those things where I really find my center. Dipper’s lucky I remember to feed him during the week!


He’s a peach.

The result is my dieting choices were a little looser this last week or so, and I haven’t felt as much motivation to get out and sweat for need of some quiet zen time. And without the zen time, I just don’t have the Go in me to do things. It’s an ugly cycle, reminiscent of some nameless rite on page 304 of the Necronomicon.

Ok, it’s not that bad, just frustrating. It’s only until October. I can survive until then.


Got to admit, it’s getting better…

i love that song.

anyway, yeah, things are actually getting better on the health front. i’ve lost 15 pounds since FitBloggin. 15! that’s a lot! i now weigh as much as my 53 year old dad. the fact that i have always weighed more than he does (while he’s still slightly taller than me) has been a major thorn in my self-esteem. i’m gonna be 220 by Christmas, dammit. i feel like i can actually get there now.

no bike yet, but my running is improving noticeably. i can keep up with Jonathan at a good clip for a mile or so. less pain, less huff and puffery. i’m gonna try and take up more distance and start doing 3 miles in a go. the cooler weather should facilitate this.

things are also better on the swimming front. getting up at 4:30am to get into the pool at 6 before work is paying off. i don’t feel like i’m drowning between strokes. i don’t know about speed or anything, i haven’t been timing. i’ve also been using the shorter lanes. so i haven’t quite made a 100m swim yet. Yet. big ol’ yet. it will be soon.

now i just gotta worry about the biking and the swim distance. it will get better. so far, they’re gettin’ better all the time. 🙂