The Bike! Or: I didn’t bike because i forgot my damn shorts.

Title says it all. normal Friday Zumba plans were off this week, so i took off from work and headed right to the gym… only to discover i only had jeans.


I ended up just walking for 20 minutes on a treadmill before i started to chafe. Also my ipod was dead, but i had my phone. Also my earbuds got damamged in my bag a few weeks ago, and they were cutting in and out. Also i slammed my figner in my locker when i was leaving.

that was the shittiest time i’ve had at the gym so far, so that’s pretty good, right?


I haven’t been on a bike at all in years. it doesn’t seem intimidating or anything, but it’s necessary. i underestimated everything so far, i don’t see that this will be any different. i don’t have a bike of my own yet, but I’ve seen some for a fair price at Target. i don’t need anything fancy. unfortunately, my old one is just that – old. i don’t want to deal with new tires or brakes or trying to fix the gears (which have been broken for years anyway). It will be a paycheck or two (i just helped my brother get a computer because he’s going back to school) – but i intend on getting a few miles in at least once a week. I’ll plot a regular course and stick to the schedule.


now i just have to make a schedule…


2 thoughts on “The Bike! Or: I didn’t bike because i forgot my damn shorts.

  1. Spin classes are a good way to get bike training in.

    I don’t want to be a know-it-all, but if you buy anything but a road bike to do a triathlon, you will regret it. Everyone will pass you. People do them on mountain bikes but they are much slower.

    It would be better to buy a used road bike than a new hybrid or mountain bike. If you will have winter where you are, you can always do Spin classes until you can save up for a road bike. You might also find decent prices at end-of-season sales at the bike shops, and they can also help you get the right fit.

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