The Price. Or: Getting Fit Can be Prohibitively Expensive

I haven’t been to tri-training this week at my new gym.

It’s been nasty- busy at work. A lot to stress about. Haven’t slept well most nights this week. Exercise isn’t on my mind. Also my foot hurts, and I think it might be a tendon thing.

Last Saturday, I drove to my gym expecting another nice, tense workout. Bike, treadmill, whatever. Apparently, I didn’t get a memo, because instead we talked in an office about goals, injuries, nutrition, etc. whatever, part of training, right?

Then he turned to the pricing page. The prices for personal training.

Fuck. Of course, this was the free week. How’d I forget that?

The best plan they offered was about $500 the first month, and $175 every month after that.

I’ll be level, I make ok money. Don’t have kids, good job. But as of late, things changed. My new job is an hour commute, so that’s gas. My truck wasn’t gonna cut it much longer, so new car for me. And I’m still paying rent on a convenient apartment, plus cable, plus light bill. Car, insurance, rent, cable, light, netflix, renter’s insurance, and now gym. It adds the fuck up.

Is expensive personal trainign the way to get there? How complicated is this? Do I consider the pricing?

I really don’t know. I don’t know if i can do this without personal guidance, but I don’t think lightening my wallet is go an get me there any better than doing my own thing.

Expensive convenience? Or worth the dough?


7 thoughts on “The Price. Or: Getting Fit Can be Prohibitively Expensive

  1. I vote for saving the money for a bike. I know there are lots of resources out there for building your own tri training plans. Do you have a triathlon club in your area? They can help too.

    Check out for starters.

  2. P.S. I have just been figuring it out myself the best I can — no trainer. I would never have that kind of money for one with my job.

  3. Hey! So, that’s pretty darn expensive. Honestly, for a sprint triathlon I would say that you can do it without expensive personal training. Use online resources and bug the people you know who have done it (like me!) for any and all information. At this stage you probably know what you need better than a trainer would.

    I’ve never used a trainer for triathlons. I’m thinking about it now, but that’s because I’m looking at maybe doing a 70.3 half ironman next summer and that is a situation were I’m not sure I can best manage my time/training without help.

    And Jen is right. The first 2-3 months of that cost would buy a decent road bike.

    • Thanks, I really appreciate the advice. Now injust have to figure outhow to make a regular workout schedule… 😡

      • I’m a color-coded spreadsheet kind of gal. I get ridiculous amounts of joy from making training plans (or anything really) in Excel. You should try it. It’s awesome =)

        To start you should figure out what your strengths are… rate bike, swim, and run from easiest to hardest for you so you know where you need to spend more time when making a training plan.

      • Fantastic idea. Thank you.

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