The Bike! Or: I didn’t bike because i forgot my damn shorts.

Title says it all. normal Friday Zumba plans were off this week, so i took off from work and headed right to the gym… only to discover i only had jeans.


I ended up just walking for 20 minutes on a treadmill before i started to chafe. Also my ipod was dead, but i had my phone. Also my earbuds got damamged in my bag a few weeks ago, and they were cutting in and out. Also i slammed my figner in my locker when i was leaving.

that was the shittiest time i’ve had at the gym so far, so that’s pretty good, right?


I haven’t been on a bike at all in years. it doesn’t seem intimidating or anything, but it’s necessary. i underestimated everything so far, i don’t see that this will be any different. i don’t have a bike of my own yet, but I’ve seen some for a fair price at Target. i don’t need anything fancy. unfortunately, my old one is just that – old. i don’t want to deal with new tires or brakes or trying to fix the gears (which have been broken for years anyway). It will be a paycheck or two (i just helped my brother get a computer because he’s going back to school) – but i intend on getting a few miles in at least once a week. I’ll plot a regular course and stick to the schedule.


now i just have to make a schedule…


The Swim! Or: Waking is the Hardest Part

I swam on Sunday and Tuesday.

And that’s really it. Sunday I took Sam to visit my cool new gym, and I wanted her to time my 100m time. I cold only do 50m before my pecs burned like hell. Considering I have to do 750m the day of the Triathalon, I think I have a long, long way to go. My 50m was 1m25sec. Sounds quick to me, but I know it’s really slow.

I got a little fire in me and got up at 4:30 on Tuesday to get to the gym by 6am. I swam for a half an hour before calling it in. I alternated laps focusing on legs then arms, back and forth like that. And tried to do something with my breath. I nearly sucked in a lungful of water a few times. Not professional, but it made my parts ache in that good kinda way, so maybe I’m on the right track. Plus I got to sit in the hot spa pool for 10 minutes.

Now the problem is scheduling. I didn’t swim again this week. I will say that work has been shit, but that’s really no excuse. It’s hard to find motivation a lot of the time. Sleep sounds lovely at any time. But whether I wake up at 6:30 or 4:30, I don’t feel any better in the morning, I’m still just sleepy and sore. I just have to be an early bird more. I have to squeeze in running, biking, swimming and maybe weights? Man, I just don’t know.

Still no bike. But I’m still doing cardio 5-6 days a week, plus 2 mile (alternating) run on Wednesdays. So I’m still getting some sort of activity in. Just not tri-centric. I’ve got research to do, very definitely. And things I have to buy. So many things.

The Price. Or: Getting Fit Can be Prohibitively Expensive

I haven’t been to tri-training this week at my new gym.

It’s been nasty- busy at work. A lot to stress about. Haven’t slept well most nights this week. Exercise isn’t on my mind. Also my foot hurts, and I think it might be a tendon thing.

Last Saturday, I drove to my gym expecting another nice, tense workout. Bike, treadmill, whatever. Apparently, I didn’t get a memo, because instead we talked in an office about goals, injuries, nutrition, etc. whatever, part of training, right?

Then he turned to the pricing page. The prices for personal training.

Fuck. Of course, this was the free week. How’d I forget that?

The best plan they offered was about $500 the first month, and $175 every month after that.

I’ll be level, I make ok money. Don’t have kids, good job. But as of late, things changed. My new job is an hour commute, so that’s gas. My truck wasn’t gonna cut it much longer, so new car for me. And I’m still paying rent on a convenient apartment, plus cable, plus light bill. Car, insurance, rent, cable, light, netflix, renter’s insurance, and now gym. It adds the fuck up.

Is expensive personal trainign the way to get there? How complicated is this? Do I consider the pricing?

I really don’t know. I don’t know if i can do this without personal guidance, but I don’t think lightening my wallet is go an get me there any better than doing my own thing.

Expensive convenience? Or worth the dough?