The Ideal

The title of this blog seems a little abstract. I’ll explain it a little.

The phrase itself came from a good friend of mine. Most of the things that inspire me come from my friends, as you’ll learn through future entries. This friend drops a lot of nuggets like that, and I usually pick them up. He once told me “when you can’t believe in yourself, belive in me, who believes in you.” He assures me it’s from a cartoon, but thats ok, i like cartoons. It really is, to me, the single most profound thing I’ve ever heard. It’s self-confidence by proxy! And I don’t think anyone but him would’ve ever thought to quote that to me.

My friend (let’s call him Jay) has been kind enough to run with me once a week around my block, usually between one and three miles. He is thinner, lighter, stronger, and more flexible than I am, and he wears track pants, so he really looks like my personal trainer, which I’m totally okay with. He could outrun me any day, but he keeps his pace in line with mine, which he never has to do. He’s an exceptional person in many regards.

It was after one of these runs that he coined the phrase above. I think we were talking about self-improvement, our own flaws, or the human species in general, which is par for the course for us. I believe I mentioned something abut having to keep going, to stick to running, or something, and he agreed.

“We’re just in a constant state of trying harder.”

The phrase really stuck with me. I actually laughed when I heard it. Not because I thought it was silly, but because it made so much sense.

A state of trying harder.

A constant state of trying harder.

Forever striving forever reaching, constantly testing, breaking, improving. It’s an idea that I want to put faith into. There aren’t a lot of things I believe in, but I believe that of we put faith into people and ideas, it motivates us more to accomplish things.

To achieve a state of constant improvement is what I want to accomplish. And I gotta get there in order to finish a Triathlon, and whatever else after that.

Haven’t quite thought that far yet.


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